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Water damage occurs when you least expect it. We can help mitigate your loss both to your home and your pocket.


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Is a Local Water Damage Restoration Company better than Calling Servpro?

One stop solution

ServPro is a national brand damage restoration company. There are franchises nationwide including here in South Florida. ServPro claims to be a national leader in home restoration and because of their size and reach with multiple franchise owners the claim is uncontested. However Servpro never actually restores a home they merely mitigate the damage and leave. Home Angels offers the comfort & ease from beginning to end, and not only mitigates the damage but also restores your home back to its original condition, and who better to have your home put back together by the same company who took it apart.

Better Results

When a consumer is looking to enjoy the same product they are used to getting at home while traveling in another state it makes sense to choose a national chain of restaurants or hotels. However, to consider the same business model of nationally regulated home restoration services would be equally valuable to homeowners is naive. Home Angels is locally owned and operated with years of experience in restoring homes and damage water, mold or other disasters.

Customizable Service

ServPro’s corporate headquarters sets the rules, outlines the process each franchise owner has to adhere to, and work within its confines. Home Angels believes that every customer is different as well as every home unique, and we strive to fulfill the needs of each individual homeowner. This attention you will not get in working with a national chain because there are too many approvals needed to change an existing process.

Best Response for Best Possible Outcome

It would be wise to consider these factors when deciding on a professional restoration service who will be aiding you in the restoring of your biggest investment, your home. A company whose owners’ were born and raised in Florida and is acutely aware of the types of disasters every Floridian must deal with from time to time. Someone who understands the type of construction used in residential areas of Florida which differs drastically from residential construction in the other areas of the country. When your home is damaged, and you are devastated by the vast amount of work that needs to be done, choose a company that is truly local. Not a nationwide chain of stores who's process for damage restoration was put together by a corporate manager thousands of miles away. Your local home damage restoration company will be more likely to understand your needs, deal with your insurance provider and not have to call in for special corporate decision making everytime something out of the ordinary pops up. Which, in the world of home restoration, is about every hour. So while not everything you do needs to be or can be done "locally", home damage restoration is one case that not only should be done, but must be done so.


1. Reduce Water Damage

  • Minimizes restoration time from start to finish

2. Minimize Overall Restoration Costs

  • Salvaging as much of the water damaged property reduces overall reconstruction & restoration costs

3. Prevent Mold Damage

  • Studies show mold grows first at the point where the wall stud and drywall meet
  • Mold grows on wood studs starting at 16% relative humidity
  • Normal relative humidity for wood is between 12-14%
  • Water extraction is a vital part to prevent mold and water damage

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Home Angels Water Damage and Flood Restoriation Services Boynton Beach Florida
“ Home Angels seeks to build trust with customers in an industry that frequently leaves homeowners feeling vulnerable.”
Home Angels Water Damage and Flood Restoriation Services Boynton Beach Florida
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